Majesty -onarimon club-

The first fully private fitness and sauna club in JapanThe first fully private fitness and sauna club in Japan
Supervisor: Minobe Kazuyasu (Fencing, Epee, Japan Representative)


Minobe Kazuyasu

Fencing, Epee, Japan Representative

Minobe Kazuyasu started fencing at the recommendation of his father when he was at high school. Initially, he was both a flautist and an epee competitor, but after entering university, he concentrated on the latter. He went on to win first place in major student competitions and a bronze medal in the team competition at the Guangzhou Asian Games.
After joining NEXUS, Minobe went to Italy to train in order to participate in the Olympics. Gaining strength, he became the first Japanese man in epee to win an individual World Cup title. At the Rio Olympics in 2016, he made his long-awaited appearance in the individual competition, finishing in 6th place.
Minobe continued to set various records and in the 2018-19 season, won a World Cup and two Grand Prix titles. He was ranked No. 1 in the world and became the first annual champion in the history of Japanese fencing. He was also selected as a JOC Symbol Athlete in 2020. As Japan’s top fencer, he helped his country’s epee team win a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.



43 fitness rooms exclusively for working out so you can achieve your fitness goals.


In addition to rooms with a combination of a multifunction Technobench and a stationary bike or treadmill, the Fitness Floors also incorporate rooms specializing in weight training. On top of all that, there are 9 Biocircuit rooms. This is a great opportunity to train on fully-automated Biocircuit machines, of which there are only a limited number in Japan. We provide an environment where you can totally indulge yourself and focus on each aspect of your training.


21 private löyly saunas available.


The Sauna Floors contain 21 completely private sauna rooms. Each room is equipped with a shower. Members can come and use the sauna rooms only, so feel free to refresh yourself in one.


Biocircuit enables you to create personalized circuit training programs.


Take advantage of these programs in completely private rooms created by TechnoGym USA. Once you have registered your data into the system, it can be read for your next workout, eliminating the trouble of creating a new setting each time.


This is a floor exclusively for women that you can use with peace of mind.


There are a total of 6 women-only rooms (3 different types) that you can use for relaxing, enhancing your beauty, exercising and other purposes. This is one of the few places in the metropolitan area where you can enjoy a highly functional authentic steam sauna in a private room.

Fitness Floor(6〜12F)

Fitness Floor(6〜12F)

  • Technogym Bench & Bike Room
  • Free weights & Run Room
  • Technogym Bench & Bike Room
  • Biocircuit Room
Sauna Floor(2〜4F)

Sauna Floor(2〜4F)

  • Sauna Room
  • Sauna & Cold Bath Room



  • Enrollment Fee
    (11,000 yen including tax)
  • Administration fee
    (5,500 yen including tax)

*only at the time of enrollment

Monthly Membership fee

  • gym

    (10,780 yen including tax)

  • gym & sauna

    (17,380 yen including tax)


  • sauna 60min

    (3,190 yen including tax)

  • sauna 90min

    (4,290 yen including tax)

  • accompanying person

    (2,200 yen including tax)


  • Completely private room

    Completely private room

    Don’t worry about anything Workout & Sauna

  • Private Space

    Private Space

    Rent out the gym and sauna with your friends and family

  • Beginners Welcome

    Beginners Welcome

    The latest machines with AI to support your workout

  • Open 24 hours a day

    Open 24 hours a day

    Come anytime before or after work

  • Women-only floor

    Women-only floor

    A dedicated area for women

  • Sauna room with Water Bath

    Sauna room with Water Bath

    The only club with a water bath in a solo sauna room

  • For personal trainers

    For personal trainers

    Available as a private gym for personal trainers’ use.

  • All rooms include showers and restrooms

    All rooms include showers and restrooms

    A luxurious private gym and sauna where you can complete everything in one room.

  • Tattoos are allowed

    Tattoos are allowed

    Visitors with tattoos are allowed to enter (the tattoo should not be visible when you are outside the room).


  • 01

    Reserve Using Our Members-only Website.

    Since all rooms are available through online reservations, you can place a reservation 24 hours a day for the room you want.

  • 02

    Check In

    Just show your Member’s Card at the Front Desk when you arrive.

  • 03

    Come Empty-handed

    You can rent almost anything. Rest assured that you can have unscheduled workouts on your way home from work.

  • 04

    Enter a Room and Train

    You are able to train freely at your own pace as all the rooms are totally private. After training, wash away sweat using the shower inside your private room.

  • 05

    Go to the Sauna Floor

    If you have made a reservation in advance, you can use a sauna room after training to revitalize your body and mind. You can also refresh yourself with a shower or cold-water bath located in the same room.

  • 06

    Head to the Club Lounge

    After working out, the Club Lounge helps you to recover from your workout and alleviate fatigue. Enjoy the complementary dried fruit and beverages. High- protein light meals are also available (fees are charged).

  • 07

    Check Out

    When you are ready to head home, just present your Member’s Card to the Front Desk.

Feature 01

43 fitness rooms exclusively for working out so you can achieve your fitness goals.

On the 6th to 13th Fitness Floors there are rooms combining Technobenches with stationary bikes or treadmills. The Technobench incorporates toolsets of elastic bands, dumbbells and weighted knuckles into a single bench. You can conduct over 200 different exercises based on which part of the body you wish to train. There are dedicated rooms for those wishing to focus only on weight training. Also, each floor has the latest version of a Biocircuit room, of which there are still only very few in Japan. All rooms are equipped with showers.

Feature 02

21 private löyly saunas available.

The second through fourth floors are dedicated to saunas and are decorated with earthy colors to create a relaxing atmosphere, like a hideout. We have a total of 21 private sauna rooms that can be completely privatized. There are two types of sauna rooms: one with a shower and the other with a water bath. The shower is at a low temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius, effective in cooling down the body at once, as is a water bath after a sauna. The water temperature is adjustable to your liking.

Feature 03

Biocircuit enables you to create personalized circuit training programs.

Biocircuit rooms by TechnoGym USA are installed on various floors, enabling all types of members to set their exercises, workloads, pace and rest times in accordance with their fitness goals to experience a totally customized workout. The programs are easy to set up and highly effective, allowing even first-time users to work out with contentment. The key behind it all is the patented and sophisticated intelligent drive called BiodriveTM that utilizes innovative aerospace technology. Biocircuit achieves centralized management of the programs for all the machines. Furthermore, since the data for the registered program is stored in the system, Biocircuit can deliver individually personalized workouts through consistent routing and realize programming that increases the level of difficulty. The private rooms create your very own space where you can focus on working out without any inhibitions.

Feature 04

This is a floor exclusively for women that you can use with peace of mind.

There are a total of 6 rooms: 3 with steam saunas and self- esthetics, 2 with treadmills and a Technobench, and 1 Biocircuit room. Female members who wish to focus on relaxing and paying attention to their beauty can use one of the steam sauna and self-esthetics rooms. The steam sauna utilizes the ELYSÉE system featuring an authentic steam sauna room created with state-of-the-art functions and design, including organic and comfortable seats under a domed ceiling. It’s all based on human ergonomics. Furthermore, those wishing to concentrate on exercise can train at their own pace enclosed in an environment that motivates workouts in a cardio and Technobench room. The Women-Only Floor also has a Biocircuit room where members can enjoy training programs exclusively for women.

Free facility tour starting on December 11! Now accepting web reservations!

We are pleased to announce that in response to multiple requests, we will begin offering tours of the Majesty -onarimon club- facilities on December 11, 2021. This is a unique opportunity to see the various training room machines, the well-equipped sauna room and the safety precautions we have taken, before you decide to join us. Please make an appointment to visit the facilities.